Plastics Parts Fesability to Optimize the Manufacturing

From a DFN of a first plastic part, we study the geometry in order to make it feasible by process of injection molding in a serial tool.

-We study the main axis and the best drafting in order to eject the part with maximum quality. And we make this study if the part is after graining in visible faces or areas with difficult to draft, proposing the best solution.

-Possible deformation areas and solution to avoid it.

-Mechanisms and system to facilitate and make cheaper the tool.

-We propose changes in geometry if needed to draft the part with guarantee and less difficulty.

-We propose thickness changes in order to avoid shrinkmarks, in ribs or other areas…

-The target is to make a good tool, durable, strong and the cheapest. But we always take in mind the maximum quality and minimum difficulty to assembly/disassembly and maintenance.